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About us

Just one visit.

We think that's all it will take.

We're confident that after just a few minutes at Deja Vu Audio, you'll see and hear what separates us from other audio establishments. Vintage gear. Vacuum tubes. Custom-designed components and systems. These are not museum pieces, but a reflection of Deja Vu Audio's commitment to assembling the best possible audio systems, whether from a select group of current audio manufacturers or late, lamented makers of classic gear. You'll likely discover audio brands you've never heard of, while other manufacturers are conspicuous by their absence. Turntables? Yes, we sell turntables. Always have. Tonearms and cartridges, too. Analog never went out of style at Deja Vu.

Our guiding ethos at Deja Vu Audio is simple: We are steadfastly committed to providing the most satisfying musical experience possible for each of our customers. Every system we assemble or upgrade is essentially custom because we listen intently to each customer's needs, preferences, and constraints (e.g., budget, room dimensions) before making any recommendations. Armed with that information and intimate knowledge of our product lines, we carefully bring together an audio system that offers the greatest feasible sound quality and musical satisfaction.


Inside Deja Vu Audio, you'll encounter a relaxing atmosphere that encourages an immersive listening experience. Bring your own music, or choose from a wide selection of genres and formats available at the store. There is no traditional sales staff at Deja Vu. We prefer to hire accomplished audio technicians and craftsmen. And music lovers. In fact, quite a few Deja Vu employees have been customers first. 


We don't have an online store for the brands we sell. That's largely because we consider it sacrilege to purchase an audio component--never mind an entire system--without hearing it first. 


And then there's the architect and proprietor of Deja Vu Audio, Vu Hoang. (See what he did there?) We'd call him the audio whisperer except he's not that quiet or reserved. Vu is serious about audio, but never stuffy. No absentee owner, he'll likely be on the premises when you visit, unless he's scouring the country for Western Electric parts, visiting a trusted audio manufacturer, or supervising the installation of a system at a customer's home. In short, Vu is intimately involved in every aspect of the business, especially in determining customers'  needs and preferences and then meeting them. 


We offer full-service installation in the DC Metropolitan area. Installation elsewhere in the US or abroad is available through special arrangement.

Service and repair

We service what we sell, whether in-house or through our manufacturers, with whom we maintain close working relationships. When you purchase from Deja Vu, you're never left in the lurch.

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